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19 Feb 2024

Colorado Lifestyle Property Management owner lies to HOA Board about roof repairs

Posted by Adam Howell

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Colorado Lifestyle Property Management owner Austin Smith lied to the Pinon Heights Homeowners Association Board of Directors at their monthly meeting on October 16, 2023 about repairs that he said were done to a hole in the roof.

I was at the meeting as a board member and as a home owner taking part in the discussion.

Colorado Lifestyle Property Management

Plumbing vent stack missing from rubber boot flashing.

In particular, the discussion came up after I pointed out to the board and Austin a defective condition on the roof of residential building #1 at our condominium complex during a site visit of the property in May of 2023.

Specifically, a white EPDM rubber boot pipe flashing was visible on the roof from the ground, but no plumbing vent stack was sticking out of it.

Missing plumbing vent at vent flashing.

The plumbing vent pipe was missing altogether or it did not extend far enough above the roof. A plumbing vent should extend a minimum of 6″ above the roof. A qualified contractor should evaluate and repair or replace as necessary and according to current standards.

To me, what the missing plumbing vent stack indicates is that the old one was damaged by sliding ice. No cricket was present on the roof above the flashing.

What’s problematic about this missing plumbing vent pipe is that moisture might intrude into the attic space where it can damage wooden structural components and/or create mold on the trusses and cellulose insulation.

Additionally, a broken plumbing vent stack in the attic can then exhaust sewage gases into the attic where odors can then seep into the living space below. It can stink up the condominiums and possibly make people sick.

Board discussion about missing plumbing vent goes undocumented by Secretary Pamela Moore

Board Secretary Pamela Moore did not document any of Austin Smith’s claims about the plumbing vent condition in the meeting minutes.

Colorado Lifestyle Property Management

Austin Smith, the owner of Colorado Lifestyle Property Management.

Transcribed below is a clear and accurate representation of the conversation that the HOA board had with Austin Smith on Oct. 16, 2023. I recorded the conversation in digital audio format [1:28:40]:

“Are we doing anything with the roofs,” asked Board President John Gardella.

“We’re done with the roofs,” said Austin Smith.

“Has that been done,” asked Gardella.

“The boot I believe, I mean, it’s either sealed up, or it’s no longer an issue,” said Smith.

“So TL Roofing looked at it this year,” asked Gardella.

“Uh huh,” affirmed Austin Smith.

“There’s just one on building one,” said board member Pamela Moore.

“There’s just one on building one. That was it,” affirmed Austin Smith.

“And it’s done now,” asked Moore.

“I mean our roofs are not the issue, see,” said Smith. “Our roofs are in good shape.”

“It’s standing seam, yeah,” said Gardella.

Subsequently, I inspected the roof boot once again and noticed that a plumbing vent stack was still missing. Inadequate clearance from the roof was still the problem.

Colorado Lifestyle Property Management makes dubious claims about inspection by TL Roofing

As a follow up, I called TL Roofing to ask if they had been to our property in 2023 to inspect or perform repairs on any of our roofs. A lady working as a secretary told me that they had no record of any of their employees going to our property to inspect or perform repairs of any of our roofs.

Accordingly, it does not appear that TL Roofing had inspected the missing plumbing vent condition on top of building #1.

This, even though Austin Smith said that he had also had a roofer from TL Roofing over to the property to inspect the gazebo’s roof.

On January 20, 2024 I asked Austin and the board for a copy of the approved Property Management Contract between Colorado Lifestyle Property Management and Pinon Heights Homeowners Association for the year 2024. They failed to provide me with the contract.

In the past, Austin Smith has managed the contractors working at Pinon Heights. His company also keeps track of invoices, billing, and payments made to contractors. CLPM also keeps track of association dues and the HOA’s budget.

In addition, Austin Smith aggressively interjects his opinions at board meetings into how the board should or should not spend the association’s budget.

Colorado Lifestyle Property Management took over the property management company that was previously called Action Property Management. Action was owned and operated by the late Mariann Menor-Lewis. After her death, Austin Smith rebranded the company and inherited many of Action Property Management‘s clientele.

Adam Howell is a writer who believes in free press and the importance of the constitution. He can be reached by clicking on this link to the contact page.

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