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Dr. Elyse Klingener of Durango Dental Associates

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This review was rejected by Buzztown for noncompliance with their nefarious review policy.

Dentistry – Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Evaluation Done: Yes
Approx. Appointment Date:  January 09, 2006
Use this Provider Again: No
Description of Experience: 1. Periodic oral evaluation 2. Prophylaxis (teeth cleaning) – Adult


At a visit in her office to have my teeth cleaned by Klingener’s assistant, I refused an offer from Klingener herself during the post-cleaning examination. Her offer was for polishing (sanding) of a ruff spot on a tooth and applying a filling. She used a miniature mouth camera to try and show me where a cavity was that she wanted to fill. The image that she showed me on the screen in no way convinced me that I did indeed have a cavity at all. At this first and only visit she determined that the treatment needed to be done, and that I had the money to pay for it.

The treatment that she wanted to do involved abrading my tooth to the shape that she wanted it to be and then applying a ceramic filling.

I felt that the treatment was unwarranted and I told her why I believed this.

I told her that the deformities on my teeth were minimal in scope, proportion and nature and therefore I did not need a polishing or filling.

My refusal of treatment was justified.

But three days later I received a letter in the mail from Dr. Klingener saying that because of my distrust in her offer for a permanent fix, she would no longer provide me with dental treatment in the future. “This difficult decision is based upon my feeling that we had serious communication and trust issues when you were in the office,” she wrote.

Basically I’m telling you that I feel discriminated against for turning down a service that I didn’t think was warranted at the time. She has the right to discriminate against me, and I have the right to tell this story to the entire world, even if The Durango Herald won’t print my editorial about this.

Moreover, Buzztown’s refusal to print my review of this business amounts to censorship that must be exposed.  Shedding some light on Buzztown’s empty promises should help undermine the credibility of their system of so-called entrepreneurial accountability that’s really just based on deceptive marketing practices.

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