From Darkness To Light

Posted by Adam Howell


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IMG_1629IMG_1630Freeride Defender Ladder Drop Tshirt

The culture of freeride mountain bike culture is under attack on public lands in Durango, Colorado. Public officials and haters are destroying jumps, sabotaging natural occurring ledges, and environmentally-friendly freeride features. Some are even going as far as trying to eliminate the word ‘freeride’ from the mountain biking vocabulary.

If you wear this tshirt, you probably support the right of freeride mountain bike culture to be allowed to legally exist on public lands–the berms, jumps, drops, rollers, rocky outcroppings and log rides.

Conceived of by Adam Howell and designed by Austin Hatala.


























 Freeride Defender With Full-Face Knight’s Helmet

IMG_1631When the culture of freeride mountain biking is assaulted by a few discriminatory people in your community, what are you going to do? Roll over and play dead, or stick up for what you believe in and develop the sport for the future?

I hope that you’d want to become a freeride defender and realize the relevance of mixing the design of a knight’s helmet with that of a full-face downhill helmet.

Helmet conceived of and designed by Austin Hatala.

































Freeride Friendly Wallride Tshirt

IMG_1634 IMG_1637Having big banking turns to ride up on with your bike is an attribute of a successful freeride feature. Around here, it would be freeride friendly, while showing support for freeride mountain bike culture.