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13 Jun 2010

The demented logic of a few lazy ass locals

Posted by Adam Howell

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Read these comments recently made on a Durango Herald comment section following an article on the City’s recent purchase of open space in Horse Gulch. THIS is why we’ve chosen to become defenders of our own central park. Horse Gulch needs no two-strokes or fender benders, only plenty of solitude and trail defenders.

Sunday, June 13, 2010
at 5:43:11 AM

Martin says…

For medical reasons I cannot hike or bike. I wish this could be open to vehicles. Instead of just a few sport activities. Let’s open it up for everyone to enjoy. We should all be entitled to see it. Unless you only think of yourselves. Must we all be selvish to accomadate just a few. There are so many trails with only just a few roads.

Sunday, June 13, 2010
at 6:45:13 AM

DJ says…

I’m actually getting tired of all these “open space accuisition”. Sure we get grant money to pay for them but where does the upkeep money come from? And why does Durango need a Central Park? We have enough open space as it is, just go 2 or 3 miles from town to do your riding. I hate to say it but let’s develop close to town and keep it together instead of developing around these parks and open space and creating so much sprawl.

Sunday, June 13, 2010
at 6:45:52 AM

ben says…


I’m sorry your medical conditions prevent you from being able to hike or bike and and enjoy this particular land. But I take issue with your statements: “Must we all be selvish to accomadate just a few. There are so many trails with only just a few roads” Are you serious? How many miles and miles of dirt and gravel forest roads, mining roads, atv and jeep trails, etc. are in this part of the state? You really want trails and similar areas opened to vehicle traffic? That sounds a bit on the “selvish” side to me, sir.

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