From Darkness To Light


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This blogger is accepting journalistic print, photographic or video submissions related to Horse Gulch or land use issues in and around the Durango area.

IMG_0324On a broader level, I’ll accept submissions regarding local newsworthy social, environmental, economic or political issues that have not already been covered by the local news media.

Public relations advertising for businesses posing as journalism will be rejected and scoffed at publicly.

Also, this blogger is accepting local business reviews that have been rejected by other online business review organizations. Reviews will be edited to exclude libelous, slanderous and defamatory content.

Currently, this blog is not paying writers for journalism or business reviews that are submitted and published here. Payments will be offered for people’s work once this blog starts bringing in enough revenue to justify a salary or freelance contracts.

Thank you for considering using this blog as a platform for your work.