From Darkness To Light


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Please check out our petition to help conserve primitive open space around Grandview Ridge. You can make your voice heard by signing our petition! Here’s the link:

Big Canyon

Big Canyon

If you have an opinion on the proposal for putting in a road connecting Grandview to Ewing Mesa (Grandview connection) via a road crossing over Carbon Junction trail, Big Canyon trail, Skull Rock Loop trail and Grandview Ridge trail, write or call the following people with the La Plata Board of County Commissioners:

They can be reached at (970)382-6219

Their names and email addresses are the following:
Commissioner Gwen Lachelt (Democrat),, (970) 382-6215
Commissioner Julie Westendorff (Democrat),, (970) 382-6217
Commissioner Bobby Lieb (Republican),, (970) 382-6216

You can also voice your opinions with the Mayor or City Councilors of Durango:

Mayor Dick White, 970-382-0049 (home)

Mayor Pro Tem  Sweetie Marbury, 970-259-0218

Councilor Christina Rinderle,, (970) 946-2279

Councilor Keith Brant,, (970)749-4820

Coucilor Dean Brookie,, 970-749-3189