From Darkness To Light


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The mission of Press For Transparency is to raise a critical consciousness with accurate hard-hitting journalism, advocacy, reviews, satire and artwork in such a way that inspires our readers and viewers to change their world for the better.

Press For Transparency has a policy of favoring named sources to anonymous ones and may choose to publish citations or quotes from anyone who speaks publicly. People commenting anonymously on any post on Press For Transparency have no expectation of privacy, with the exception of those who are the victims of assault or rape.

Press For Transparency is a watchdog for government activity, which furthers debate on matters of public concern.

Public officials, public employees and state actors have no expectation of privacy with anything that they say or write regarding matters of public interest. If you work for the government as an official or as a state actor, this blog has the right to publish your photo or anything that you say or write during the course of your duties. We have written permission to publish what state actors do or say; it’s called the First Amendment.

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