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Stevens Creek Trail Review

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For the amount of time it takes to shuttle Stevens Creek versus the time you get to ride down it, I would argue that it’s really not worth your time.

Photo taken from the intersection with the old FS road that cuts across to Wallace Lake. Looking into Stevens Creek.

It takes an hour to drive to the top from the bottom of Missionary Ridge Road (FS 682), and the downhill ride could be anywhere from 3 to 4 hours long.

When you finish it’s another hour-long drive to the top, with a 40-minute drive back to the bottom. So you’re looking at a minimum of about 6 hours to complete the whole thing and get back on County Road 250 to head home.

As for the quality of the trail itself, it’s a mixed bag. Some of it is smooth single track, but a lot of it is super-rocky single track with a great deal of baby heads to rattle over on the second half of the trail after you pass the turn to Wallace Lake.


It will test your hands’ ability to ward off carpel tunnel syndrome. You know that pain that I’m talking about that develops in your fingers, hands and wrists while your bumping your way down at 20 miles per hour?

This trail is super washed out, with water bars being almost nonexistent in the lower half of the trail.

Make sure you look at a map before driving for the trail head. At the top there are 2 or three places where you could take the wrong turn. Check  out your route on a Colorado Gazetteer map, GPS or Google Earth before going.