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22 Oct 2012

Pediatric Partners acquires Building Specialties property; back 1.63 acres for sale to the City

Posted by Adam Howell

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This building next to the current Horse Gulch parking lot would be replaced by a paved parking lot if the Pediatric Partners of the Southwest is successful in subdividing their property. Also, the City and community would have a period to provide input once a more detailed plan was drafted.

The Pediatric Partners of the Southwest business has purchased the Building Specialties property at the mouth of Horse Gulch and has offered to sell the back 1.63 of its 2.86 acres to the City.

Natural Lands Preservation Advisory Board Director Kevin Hall said at the last meeting that a third of an acre of the 1.63 for sale to the City is flat and could be developed into what he is hoping will be a paved parking lot replete with irrigated trees.

“What they’d like to do is subdivide their parcel, their 2.86 parcel, and peel off 1.6 and sell that to the City. It’s been surveyed,” said Hall. “We know where in the future where the Santa Rita Trail could come through here. They actually moved the property lines to accommodate the trail. They’re preliminary engineered; so we know the trail would work there.”

“On the very eastern edge is the parking lot that the City would develop where we would build a section of trail just to separate their parking lot from ours, create a buffer between there,” said Hall. “Rather than coming back and trying to shoehorn in a section of trail some day in the future, we would actually establish the concrete along the parking lot’s edge. There would be additional space that would be part of the acquisition for future trail extension, which we wouldn’t build right now.”

The contract to close on the property would be contingent on the City Planning Department and City Council approving the subdivision of the property.

“And at that point what we would do is we would close on the property and then get into full scale engineering for the parking lot, trail head,” said Hall.

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