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11 Jul 2013

Photos from Raiders Ridge and the trails coming off of it

Posted by Adam Howell

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Down and Out off of Raider’s Ridge is in bad shape and it does not get ridden much.


Down and Out is a trail that most people don’t ride–because it’s rough as hell.


From Raider’s Ridge


My buddy Ben on Raider’s Ridge.


The Scratch, a new trail in Horse Gulch.

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2 Responses to “Photos from Raiders Ridge and the trails coming off of it”

  1. Nice shots!

    I like down and out, but usually go Up it to access the ridge. That drop on scratch looks pretty cool too!


    Jerry Hazard

  2. Thanks Jerry. We hiked our bikes up Down and Out; then discussed why hardly anyone had been riding it–the lower half is a washed out mess. The lower half needs to be realigned.

    Plenty of small drops to be had on The Scratch. These rains should help pack that trail down a bit. More trail work days to come on that one, too.


    Adam Howell

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