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20 Oct 2014

Come to joint board meeting next Monday and ask city not to destroy seven local trails

Posted by Adam Howell

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Next Monday at 5:30 p.m., our local trails on city lands will need advocates at a city meeting where two boards will be discussing whether or not to destroy seven popular trail segments  that are marked for closure.

A woman rides part of Grabens Loop (slated for closure) directly above its connection with the top of Star Wars Trail in Overend Mountain Park.

A woman rides part of Grabens Loop (slated for closure) directly above its connection with the top of Star Wars Trail in Overend Mountain Park.

After Durango’s Assistant Community Development Director Kevin Hall and the Natural Surface Trails Committee inventoried trails on city lands, a map was created, which color coded several trails in Overend Mountain Park and Dalla Mountain Parks for closure, based on Hall’s claims that they were redundant, or user-created.

Both the Natural Lands Board and the Parks and Recreation Board will be meeting at the Durango Recreation Center on Monday October 27, at 5:30 p.m. to take public comments on their trail-inventory map, and other recommendations from the Natural Surface Trails Committee, which met several times over the summer to help “manage” our local trail infrastructure and the policies around its management.

Among the committee’s members are three members of each board and Trails 2000.

This blogger will be attending to ask the boards not to destroy all of the trails marked for closure, and to make sure that both boards received all twenty one petition letters sent by mostly locals with the encouragement of  a petition plugin on a Horse Gulch Blog post.

Based on language used by correspondence from Hall, it is expected that all of the letters, other than my own, will be discredited and not forwarded to the boards based on his written assertion that he doesn’t much care for the barrage of identical emails that my blog is generating.

In reality, Horse Gulch Blog gave readers a means of easily submitting comments through their own email addresses, from individual IP addresses, and their identities as individual voices of opposition can very much be confirmed, even if they were all saying the same thing that I was: please do not destroy these seven trail segments marked for closure.

Story about the seven trail segments that the Natural Surface Trails Committee is recommending the city closes:

City boards to consider closing several trail segments in Overend Mountain Park, etc.

Post with petition to city in resistance to several proposed trail closures:

Sign this petition resisting possible closure of several trail segments on City of Durango lands

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