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19 Apr 2016

My latest trail proposal ignored by Trails 2000, then rejected by City of Durango official

Posted by Adam Howell

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Last week I put in a request to fix and enhance a dangerous jump line at the bottom of Sugar Trail in Horse Gulch due to the awkward proximity of the jumps to each other. The jump line as it is, and as I proposed, is completely optional for people on the Sugar Trail.

IMG_1873My request from last Wednesday was then ignored by Mary Monroe Brown of Trails 2000, and today rejected by Durango’s Director of Parks and Recreation Cathy Metz.

“Thanks Adam for the heads up on the Sugar Trail,” said Metz. ” Sara will take a look at the trail and let you know if we need assistance.”

That was all that she said in reply to my request.

What I asked for was permission to build a table top jump with material from a pile of mine tailings above where a series of three rollers currently exists at the bottom of Sugar Trail, above the intersection with Horse Gulch Road. My proposal was intended to both enhance the enjoyment and safety of the jumps.

The land in question is not under conservation easement, and traffic on that stretch of Horse Gulch Road is minimal. That bottom stretch of Sugar Trail has good visibility for people looking up from Horse Gulch Road or for those looking down the new Sugar Trail.

The stonewalling by Monroe Brown comes after a success story last fall when she gave me permission to throw some dirt on the sketchy landing of the rock drop in the Cummins Rock Quarry of Snake Charmer Trail.

Trail 2000 hosted a public trail work opportunity last fall where people were given three to four hours to work on the Sugar Trail after Daryl Crites spent at least a week or two building trail to the top of Raider Ridge with a mini excavator.




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