From Darkness To Light

22 Jun 2016

Images from Sunday: riding Stagecoach Trail, downed trees across the trail, and speed bumps

Posted by Adam Howell

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Stagecoach Trail is a sweet trail to shuttle by itself, or as the latter half of a shuttle ride from the top of Black Hawk Pass. It has steeps, wide trail in many places, and some fun natural features on the sides to jump or huck off of. It is in desperate need of some maintenance like the removal of around five larges aspens to cut with a chainsaw, and several sections that are overgrown with aspen saplings that will eventually make the trail unrideable in those areas. Also, there’s the Hermosa Creek that you have to cross at the bottom, which was 3 feet deep in places.


Stagecoach has some natural features along the trail for hucksters wanting cheap thrills.


Around five trees need to be cut off of Stagecoach Trail with a chainsaw. Also, some sapling aspens are growing over the trail in many spots, and a handsaw would work fine to take them down.


This is one of two poorly-marked speed bumps on the road up to the back side of Purgatory. They’re on the bottom stretch of Forest Road 578 right above the upper Purgatory Resort parking lots.

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