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27 Jun 2016

LPOSC Conservation Easement Amendment Policy inked shortly before vote on closing trails

Posted by Adam Howell

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La Plata Open Space Conservancy drafted a new Conservation Easement Amendment Policy two months before a controversial vote by two City boards last May where several popular social trails were approved for closure.

Neither the the City, nor the Open Space Conservancy shared this document with the public before the Natural Lands Board and the Parks and Recreation Boards voted to close social trails on City property that were held under conservation easements.

Horse Gulch Blog obtained this Amendment Policy from the City of Durango through a Colorado Open Records Act request. The document was revised on March 10, 2015.

La Plata Open Space Conservancy is the local land trust that allows land owners to conserve the status of their land through legal documentation, in exchange for property tax credits. Correct me if I’m wrong about that.

LPOSC Amendment Policy CLICK HERE for La Plata Open Space Conservancy’s Conservation Easement Amendment Policy



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