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14 Sep 2016

Pedego Electric Bikes store opens in Steamboat Springs despite law that bans them on trails

Posted by Adam Howell

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Helping to get more people on bikes without the discomfort of sweating or hassle of having to find a parking spot were a few reasons why two entrepreneurs in Steamboat Springs started up a Pedego Electric Bikes store. This, despite a local ordinance that bans motorized bicycles on trails and mountain parks.


Linda John and her business partner Bruce Caplowe started up a Pedego Electric Bikes store downtown on Lincoln Ave, the main road through Steamboat Springs, last July.

“There are so many people who have injuries, health issues, just a bit older who used to love riding bikes but just can’t anymore,” said John. “E-Bikes gives these people the opportunity to ride again.”

The store has already sold 18 bikes and one realtor has offered buyers of new homes two free Pedego Bikes from the store with the purchase of a new home, she said.

“E-bikes are also fabulous to commute to work, run errands , basically do everything you would do in your car,” she said. “Steamboat has a problem with cars and parking. These bikes allow people to see and get around steamboat without driving a car.”

For those people wondering how one could sustain enough business to weather the perceived seasonal nature of such a job in a ski town, John says she plans to stay busy.

“I’m going to try and stay open during the winter months renting fat bikes and selling steamboat-related bike gear and gift items,” said John. “I’m working with some local ranches in the area that have fat bike trails and setting up some bike leases with them to rent out to their owners and visitors. On really slow powdery days I’ll be hitting the slopes.”




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