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30 Jan 2017

Blogger seeks photos of Tati-You County Fine Chemical Factory in Zhuzhou City, China

Posted by Adam Howell

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On the back of the Solvay sodium fluoride bags that the City of Durango has sitting on a pallet at its Water Treatment Plant, it says “Made in China” under the name Shanghai Mintchem Development Co., Ltd.

This blogger is asking for help in finding photography or information about the You County Fine Chemical Plant or the Tati Fluoride Salts Plant in the Zhuzhou City/Hunan, China.

Here’s a related document with a laboratory analysis done by Underwriters Laboratories that was requested by Shanghai Mintchem Development Co., Ltd regarding their sodium fluoride powder.

A vote on whether or not to end the sodium fluoridation of the drinking water by residents of the City of Durango might occur this April if the City Council decides not to preemptively end the program on its own. The vote would follow a successful petition drive by a group that calls themselves Clean Water Durango at


Sodium Fluoride bag, backside

This is the backside of a Solvay brand sodium fluoride bag at the City of Durango’s Water Treatment Plant.

Sodium fluoride bags

These bags of sodium fluoride sit on a pallet at the City of Durango’s Water Treatment Plant.

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