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5 Apr 2017

Berkey fluoride filtration system could be used to treat water fluoridation toxins

Posted by Adam Howell

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With the news tonight that Clean Water Durango lost its ballot initiative to end Durango’s water fluoridation program, it’s important that you know what it takes to protect yourself and your family from dental/skeletal fluorosis on your own dime.

ScreenHunter_87 Apr. 04 23.49You can purchase a Burkey Water Filter Special Set with two black filters and two fluoride filters that’ll hold 3.25 gallons for $313.50 off of their website: .

The City of Durango fluoridates the municipal drinking water to prevent dental decay.

Water fluoridation has been questioned by petitioners and local health advocates as being a drug that’s given to people without their consent. It’s also linked to dental fluorosis, according to the Centers for Disease Control.


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