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14 Nov 2018

TEDx Talk by Chris Strouthopoulos on how fear of peer judgement holds back team performance

Posted by Adam Howell

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Having the courage to challenge a dangerous, conformist collective thought that’s propagated by the halo of an expert can prevent catastrophe.

That was a lesson from Durango’s Chris Strouthopoulos, a Professor of Student Success at San Juan College, during a Tedx Talk at Georgia Tech about how to build trust and create open, successful teams by overcoming the fear of peer judgement.

It was an inspirational talk that wove together stories of team decision making in the back country and the work place.

Overcome fear of peer judgement, improve performance

Creating successful teams can be accomplished by members acknowledging that the worry of being judged by their peers can hold back their collective ability to learn.

Fear of asking questions during class, for instance, can hurt student test scores overall.

For the Supreme Court, inclusiveness can help their team succeed through the mantra, “no one speaks twice until everyone has spoken once,” said Strouthopoulos.

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