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19 Mar 2020

Conservation easements held for City of Durango open space lands, view documents here

Posted by Adam Howell

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This post contains as many of the conservation easements that are held for city of Durango lands as I could find. For now, the conservation easements in this post includes those for Horse Gulch, Dalla Mountain Park, Overend Mountain Park, Bread Express and Oxbow Park and Preserve.

The attached Baseline Documentation for the Horse Gulch parcels does contain a conservation easement at the end of each one.

Most noteworthy is the conservation easement for Overend Mountain Park, which does not appear to prohibit motorized vehicles.

Durango Area Conservation Easements & Trails Map

Horse Gulch Baseline Assessments with Conservation Easements Within


La Plata Open Space Conservancy, Conservation Easement Baseline Documentation, Horse Gulch Open Space FLC Foundation 115, June 2010.

La Plata Open Space Conservancy, Conservation Easement, Baseline Documentation, Horse Gulch Open Space FLC Board 367, October 2010

Dalla Mountain Park Conservation Easement

Deed for Conservation Easement for Dalla Mountain Park

Overend Mountain Park Conservation Easements

19951212 Overend Mountain Park CE RN 698481
20010327 Overend Mountain Park Amended CE Deed RN 802684

Bread Express Conservation Easements


Oxbow Park and Preserve Conservation Easements

20120927 Oxbow (Cameron Sterk) CE Deed RN 1053533

Land Acquisition by Year

To receive PDF documents of any of the conservation easements attached to this post, email

In the IDoc Market, on the County’s search for records, search for the conservation easements as a Right of Way/Easement, Agreement or Deed under the Instrument Type drop-down menu. If you search for the conservation easement as a Conservation Easement under the Instrument Type drop-down menu, you might only find one, which was filed for Durango’s Oxbow Park and Preserve.

Possibly related reception numbers:

  • 738233, Conservation Easement, David Flatten, LPOSC, 12/31/97
  • 831120, First Amendment to 738233
  • 972503, Right of Way/Easement, Grantor Thomas J Langefels Trust, Grantee LPOSC, 3/19/20
  • 738232, Conservation Easement, Grantor William Newmyer, Grantee LPOSC, 3/19/20
  • 738234, Conservation Easement, Grantor Richard Langhart, Grantee LPOSC, 3/19/20
  • 802683, LPOSC to City of Durango, 3/29/2001
  • 737179, Unknown document type, FLC Foundation, City of Durango, 12/9/97
  • 1018300 and 1018299 Sure Holly, Fort Lewis College Foundation
  • 1015192, Warranty Deed, FLC Foundation to City of Durango
  • 1010747, 1008351 FLC Board of Trustees, City of Durango
  • 1021712, Special Warranty Deed, FLC Board of Trustees, City of Durango
  • 1010746, Deed of Conservation Easement, Crader, 2/26/10
  • 1010745, Warranty Deed, Crader Properties LLC to City of Durango
  • 924302, Jerry Dalla, City of Durango, 12/15/05

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