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24 Aug 2021

Open Gym cancelled during COVID, but class offerings for youth gymnastics abound

Posted by Adam Howell

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Ture Nycum, the City of Durango’s new Parks and Recreation Director, gave us an update about the status of Open Gym and class offerings for preschool and school-aged youth at the Durango Gymnastics facility.

Open Gym“Like many programs, preschool, school aged or adult open gym was not offered at Durango Gymnastics during covid and preschool and school aged open gym has not been brought back as of yet,” said Nycum. “We do, however, after re-opening many facilities have many class offerings for youth gymnastics where kids starting as young as 10 months old can participate.  We do not have the same offering for adults and as such are offering the adult open gym right now.  As we monitor Covid and adjust staffing to offer more programs in the future, we will evaluate the demand for youth open gymnastics and adjust as necessary.”

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