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12 Oct 2021

Death of vacationer from Arizona at campground follows Janssen COVID-19 inoculation

Posted by Adam Howell

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The death of a woman on vacation in Durango from Payson, Arizona occurred following her inoculation with the Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) COVID-19 mRNA vaccine, according to her son.

Peggy Mayer, 71 years old, died on July 29, 2021 at Durango Riverside Resort and RV Park, according to her son, Jess Mayer. At the time, Peggy was camped out with her husband George Mayer, said Jess.

The Autopsy Report said that she died of a “bilateral pulmonary artery emboli” with the manner of death being “natural.” A pulmonary embolism is a condition in which one or more arteries in the lungs become blocked by a blood clot.

In contrast, Jess disagrees with the death being labeled as “natural,” given the prominence of similar deaths occurring among people who have been jabbed. Jess referenced data from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

Overall, Peggy’s death is one of 2 deaths in Colorado and 531 deaths that have occurred nationally so far in 2021 in association with the Janssen COVID-19 vaccines, according to VAERS.

Death was unexpected given state of wellness

Peggy Mayer’s death has left her son Jess seeking more answers.

“Her death came as complete shock; very unexpected,” said Jess. “My wife and I have been very skeptical of the vaccinations from the very beginning, so when that happened, that’s where our minds went.”

“It’s been a real difficult time for my sister and I, my dad and the rest of the family to try to just comes to grip with a 71-year-old woman who, her and my father did their best to stay healthy,” Jess said. “They were checked out by the doctor before they went on their trip, exercised daily, and then all of the sudden–gone.”

“What’s the recourse, because, whenever you agree to get the vaccination, you have to sign waivers to the potential risks, right,?” asked Jess.

Peggy Mayer’s daughter Shelly would not go on the record for this story. George Mayer did not return my phone call and email message.

Adam Howell is a writer who believes in free press and the importance of the constitution. He can be reached by clicking on this link to the contact page.

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5 Responses to “Death of vacationer from Arizona at campground follows Janssen COVID-19 inoculation”

  1. VAERS is not a conclusive set of data. It’s only a collection, and as we all know correlation ≠ causation. Understood, it’s a start I suppose if one is collecting data, but it is not a source of conclusive data.



  2. VAERS data is difficult for the public to corroborate, but definitely worth monitoring. A number of conclusions can be made from thousands of suspicious deaths and injuries following the jabs. Several patterns of injury and death can be recognized by studying the cases.


    Adam Howell

  3. VAERS takes a lot to file a report. Things like vax lot and vial number are needed, as well as doctor contact info, which is not something most average people are doing because they’re bored. It takes 45-min or more to fill out all the paperwork.
    Next, a 2010 study showed that on average, 1-10% of all adverse reactions to vax are captured by VAERS. So, if this is the case, and we are getting (at best) 10% reported, then that’s estimated to be over 5000 deaths due to the Jansen injection based on this number in VAERS
    Now. The fun manipulation of numbers is they do not count people as vaxxed until 14 days after the second jab. (1 in the case of the j&j). This means that the deaths after 10 days of the jab are counted as unvaxxed.. that way, adverse reactions can be counted as unvaxxed to push the narrative of “pandemic of the unvaxxed”. And, to help this narrative, they stopped monitoring breakthrough cases in May. That way, they have no records of the injected catching the covy.
    It’s all about data manipulation to use to push the experimental injection.
    Do not comply! Let’s go Brandon!



  4. When did she get the jab?



  5. It sounded like several months prior, but was unable to pin down an exact date.


    Adam Howell

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