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26 Oct 2021

Mainstream media has conflict of interest in COVID-19 vaccine reporting

Posted by Adam Howell

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Mainstream media has a conflict of interest in their reporting on the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines based on the advertising revenues that they receive from Pfizer.

Specifically, a conflict of interest is defined as “a situation in which regard for one duty leads to disregard of another, or might reasonably be expected to do so,” according to the Federal Reporter.

A conflict of interest could be actual or potential, but in the case of corporate broadcast media we can at least see a potential conflict.

When mainstream media receives money from Pfizer in the form of advertisement revenue, it has the potential to effect how mainstream media reports on the effects of their jabs. Normally, the role of media is to raise a critical consciousness among its consumers so that they can make informed choices.

In the case of reporting on the effects of the COVID-19 mRNA jabs, mainstream media has failed to keep people informed about the deaths and injuries that they are causing.

Furthermore, it appears that the establishment press does have a conflict of interest based upon their unwillingness to report on the deaths caused by the jabs. Some of those adverse events can be observed at the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

The video below is being used under the Fair Use doctrine for purposes of education, comment and criticism to demonstrate a perceived conflict of interest. It’s unclear who the creator of the video is, but I’d wish to give them credit for the edit.

mainstream media

Graphic illustration creator is unknown.

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