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22 Jan 2022

Bill Brandau died following heart disease, blood clots and experimental-use Moderna injection

Posted by Adam Howell

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Bill Brandau was a motorcyclist, restaurant manager, husband, and father of three children, 5 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.

Bill Brandau on his motorcycle

Bill Brandau on his motorcycle

He loved to ride his Harley Davidson motorcycle, according to his grandson, Brandon Silva.

“He loved his dogs Stitch, Rocky, Roxy, all of his dogs. They’re all crazy,” his grandson Joseph Vigil Junior said.

Brandau managed Willow, 7 River and RTG restaurants at Sky Ute Casino. They’re owned by Southern Ute Tribe.

Alike many people, Bill Brandau took one of the COVID-19 vaccines. They’re called “safe and effective” by public “health” officials, the mainstream establishment press, and the vaccine manufacturers.

In this case, Brandau took the Moderna jab, according to his daughter Joyce Guzman.

Experimental vaccine not the cause, says Brandau’s daughter

Guzman did not believe that the Experimental Use Authrorized COVID-19 vaccine was responsible for her dad’s death.

“He was suffering from sciatic pain. He had a lot of pain for a few days. And he went to work on a walker. And he was in so much pain on the day he passed that they took him in an ambulance, fentanyl when he went in. They gave him muscle relaxer and another pain pill and he was gone within three hours,” said Guzman.

“After he was released from the hospital it was six and we think he passed around 8:00, 8:30,” said Guzman. “He was taken in about 2:30.”

His wife Marilyn found Bill when he died, said Guzman. Marilyn called Guzman, and Guzman called the ambulance, said Guzman.

Both Guzman, and his wife Marilyn did not want to say much about Bill’s death, other that they didn’t think that the vaccine caused his death.

They quickly ended the call with me.

In a phone call that I made about a month later to Guzman, she said that she did not want to talk to me, because her mother Marilyn did not want her to talk to me.

“I don’t have to talk to you, it’s not a law, right,” said Guzman. Then she hung up on me.

If anyone reading this has further information about the circumstances surrounding Brandau’s death that you would like to share, please contact me by clicking here or using the ‘Contact’ page on the menu bar above.

Bill Brandau Autopsy Report opines cause of death

La Plata County gave me Brandau’s Autopsy Report upon my request.

Bill Brandau

Bill Brandau

Michael Arnall, M.D., the pathologist who did Brandau’s autopsy in Montezuma County, signed the report on January 12, 2022. The report was provided to me on January 20th, after I requested it from the county on January 18th.

The autopsy was done on 12/23/2022 at the Montezuma Morgue in Cortez, Colorado.

In the pathologist’s opinion, the following diagnoses were made:

  1. Kidneys, multiple bilateral stones, <1mm-3mm
  2. Heart, severe atherosclerotic coronary artery disease, left anterior descending coronary artery with acute thrombosis, old myocardial fibrosis, calcified mitral annulus
  3. Brain, atrophy
  4. Colon, diverticulosis

A toxicology report was not performed for Brandau. His vaccination status was NOT disclosed in the report.

In the opinion of Arnall, the cause of death was a thrombosed left anterior descending coronary artery.

Basically, what this means is that Brandau’s death was caused by blood clotting.

A thrombus is a blood clot that obstructs one or more veins. A thrombus partially or entirely obstructs the flow of blood in that vein.

Here is Bill Brandau’s Autopsy Report:

Bill Brandau Autopsy Report

Bill Brandau’s death correlates with his Moderna inoculation

Brandau’s manner of death, according to his autopsy report, was listed by Dr. Arnall as ‘natural.’

Brandau had a history of heart disease that included myocardial fibrosis and calcified mitral annulus. These comorbidities are accumulative.

Alike other victims who took the Moderna mRNA jab, Brandau got blood clots that killed him.

In this event, Brandau died from a coronary artery thrombosis. Similar causes of death have been reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System in association with the Moderna vaccines that other people took.

At the same time, is there anything ‘natural’ about the Moderna vaxx or how the human body responds to it?

Also, is there anything ‘natural’ about graphene oxide, one of the undisclosed ingredients in the jab? Independent investigators in Spain have found graphene oxide in the jabs using micro-Raman spectroscopy.

Adam Howell is a writer who believes in free press and the importance of the constitution. He can be reached by clicking on this link to the contact page.

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