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7 Jan 2022

Petition against mandating medical records for entry to certain Snowdown events

Posted by Adam Howell

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A petition we’re organizing seeks to end the COVID-19 jab or test requirement prior to entering certain Snowdown events.

Are you ready to take action and talk some trash about some medical tyranny?

Petition against COVID-19 jab or test prior to entering some Snowdown eventsA series of winter events happen every year in Durango called Snowdown.

This year in order to attend some of those events, you have to show organizers your private medical records.

Specifically, organizers are requiring attendees of certain events to first provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test.

This is why a petition drive was created. The petition below asks organizers to avoid demanding people’s papers and to stop promoting a toxic poison that’s known for killing and injuring thousands of people.

By signing below, the message will be sent to event organizers, as well as the petition organizer as an individual email.

Also, when you sign below, a confirmation email will first be sent to your email inbox that you will have to reply to before the message is sent to the target (event organizers).

Each time someone signs it, another email is sent to the event organizers and the petition organizer. The petition organizer will have proof that each letter has been sent. If you would like a copy of that email, I will share it with you. Just ask me.

Additionally, you will eventually see your name in a list displayed below the petition after you sign and confirm through the confirmation email.

Petition signers: got a Gmail account? Check your spam folder for confirmation email

Initially after you sign it you should check your email inbox for the confirmation email. This email is intended to verify that you are the owner of the email address that you used to sign the petition.

For those with Gmail accounts, please check your spam folder after signing the letter.

Otherwise, if you fail to open that email your individual letter will not be sent and your name will not appear below the petition.

The confirmation email may take a day to be sent out by the robot.

Thank you for taking action against medical tyranny.

Petition against medical procedure requirement for entry to Snowdown events

This petition is now closed.

End date: Jan 31, 2022

Signatures collected: 41

41 signatures

Latest Signatures
41Lew TeraJan 17, 2022
40renee parsonsJan 14, 2022
39Jennifer DeLuzioJan 13, 2022
38Jennifer SmithJan 12, 2022
37Kathy RayJan 12, 2022
36Stacy ValenciaJan 10, 2022
35Nicole RobertsJan 10, 2022
34Dan NormandJan 10, 2022
33Karla TaggeJan 10, 2022
32Donna GulecJan 10, 2022
31Jennifer DaiJan 10, 2022
30Jason Mietchen Jan 10, 2022
29Holly HottJan 10, 2022
28Michele MeshewJan 10, 2022
27Heather ClickJan 09, 2022
26Theresa O’NanJan 09, 2022
25Kristin MoranJan 09, 2022
24Teri FunkeJan 09, 2022
23John TuckerJan 09, 2022
22Kelly HegartyJan 09, 2022
21Deb CvarJan 09, 2022
20Sarah PackardJan 09, 2022
19Lynda PackardJan 09, 2022
18Acie PattersonJan 08, 2022
17Alisa BuselliJan 08, 2022
16Cam FormbyJan 08, 2022
15Cathy PattersonJan 08, 2022
14Stanley PattersonJan 08, 2022
13Kayla PattersonJan 08, 2022
12Dennis BenedettoJan 08, 2022
11Christine RasmussenJan 08, 2022
10India WallerJan 08, 2022
9Mark WallerJan 08, 2022
8Ted HermesmanJan 08, 2022
7Katie WallerJan 08, 2022
6Kristin DallisonJan 08, 2022
5Angela Fosco Jan 08, 2022
4Stacy GonzalezJan 08, 2022
3Erika BerglundJan 08, 2022
2Britny HansonJan 08, 2022
1Adam HowellJan 07, 2022

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7 Responses to “Petition against mandating medical records for entry to certain Snowdown events”

  1. Adam, Thx for real reporting!!


    Stan Patterson

  2. Oh yeah, buddy! I’ll do what I can, Stan.


    Adam Howell

  3. Just signing the petition. I have no plans on supporting Snowdown


    Mary Beeman

  4. Support freedom!!!!!


    Ryan Patterson

  5. Yes, please! We want freedom, NOW!


    Adam Howell

  6. These Vaccines do not even stop people getting or spreading the virus. Want to take people temperature at the gates? Sounds like something that actually might make a difference. You are participating in normalizing medical discrimination. Please consider the greater effect on our community.


    Nicolas Waller

  7. Signed but quit going years ago after little kids riding on a float were hit in the face by rocks. It almost hit one of them in the eye. Not the same fun Snowdown it had been when it first started years ago. Now they want to do this. Unreal and uncalled for!


    Kathy Ray

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