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12 Mar 2022

Establishments in Durango that discriminated based on medical procedures as of 3/21/22

Posted by Adam Howell

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Establishments in Durango are discriminating against people based on COVID-19 medical procedures, but they are easy to avoid.

This post contains an ongoing list of businesses and non-profit organizations that discriminate against people at their facilities or events who are unwilling or unable to engage in COVID-19 medical procedures.

  1. 3rd Ave Arts and St. Mark’s Episcopal Church–establishments that discriminate

    Alarmingly, the church is being used as a facility for 3rd Ave Arts that’s excluding those who refuse to participate in medical rape prior to entering their events. In other words, those attending the concerts at this church will have to show documentation that proves that they were raped with a COVID-19 clot shot or a negative COVID-19 test. Don’t give up your 1st or 4th amendment rights to enter this church. Coercion is not consent, tyrants!

    Executive Director Scott Hagler thinks that it’s ok to discriminate since some other organizations in town are doing the same thing.Establishments like 3rd Ave Arts discriminate against those who refuse COVID-19 medical procedures

    From their Eventbrite ticket sales page.

    Don’t let the sign fool you–this establishment discriminates!

    Establishments that discriminate do make exceptions.

    St. Mark’s makes exceptions for those who don’t consent to medical rape.

  2. Durango Arts Center–one of the establishments that discriminated

    Want to attend the True West play by Sam Shepard? Well you could if you’re willing to roll up your sleeve and let a convid-19 fool inject you with spike proteins or pull DNA out of your facial orifice!

  3. Establishments like Durango Arts Center also discriminate based on COVID-19 medical procedures

    Community Concert Hall–one of the establishments that discriminates

    Want to go see a concert at Community Concert Hall? Well think again unless you’d like this establishment to coerce you into being medically raped! You can either agree to having them stick you with an unapproved experimental-use-authorized agent, or go somewhere else.Establishments like the Community Concert Hall discriminate.

  4. United Way of Southwest Colorado–a discriminatory organization

    United Way of Southwest Colorado discriminated against people who were unwilling to participate in their preferred medical procedures prior to entering a fundraiser at Buckley Park.
    Lynn Urban of United Way works to discriminate for multiple establishments.People giving up their medical information at a fundraiser event for United Way

  5. Women’s Resource Center–another of the establishments that discriminates

    Unfortunately, the Women’s Resource Center will not allow you into their office without first getting injected with an experimental biological agent. Specifically, they want you injected with a gene therapy that’s known for killing, disabling, hospitalizing and injuring thousands of people.

  6. San Juan Symphony

  7. Durango Independent Film Festival

  8. Snowdown

  9. Ska Anniversary Party

  10. La Plata County Sheriff’s Office

Adam Howell is a writer who believes in free press and the importance of the constitution. He can be reached by clicking on this link to the contact page.

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