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16 Dec 2023

Jennifer Coponiti resists transparency for San Juan County Sheriff’s Office

Posted by Adam Howell

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Jennifer Coponiti, the Civilian Operations Supervisor for the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office in Farmington, New Mexico initially tried to avoid providing the text messages of Sheriff Shane Ferrari that I requested in writing.

Jennifer Coponiti

Jennifer Coponiti, right, is the Civilian Operations Supervisor at San Juan County Sheriff’s Office.

After asserting my belief that Ferrari’s text messages were not exempt from disclosure according to the Inspection of Public Records Act (IPRA) of New Mexico, Coponiti looked into it further.

Jennifer Coponiti called me back in a second phone call to tell me that she researched the law further and learned that Ferrari’s text messages were indeed public records.

Consequently, Jennifer Coponiti ended up providing me with some of Ferrari’s text messages, along with a copy of the dispatch codes and the vehicle unit numbers of the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office that I requested.

Moreover, when I went to the Sheriff’s Office to pick up the records, Jennifer Coponiti was too unprofessional and secretive to identify herself to me by first and last name. She then told me that I was pandering her for her last name. Watch the video of this interaction here:

Furthermore, one of the text messages of Ferrari that she gave me was redacted (blacked out) without any explanation.

Alas, this is our secret government at work.

At the same time, she did provide me with some interesting records that are in the PDF document attached below.

dispatch codes, unit numbers, SJ County SO

In addition, another potentially useful record that was provided in a separate records request were copies of Ferrari’s operations calendar.

Below is a copy of the calendars that they provided last summer, which are obviously dated at this point.

Ferrari's July and Aug calendars
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