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8 Jan 2013

Forest Service EA process for Log Chutes on snow delay

Posted by Adam Howell

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The Log Chutes Downhill Mountain Bike Trail Project Environmental Assessment process is on hold until the snow melts.

Jed Botsford, the Recreation Staff Officer for the Columbine Ranger District on the San Juan National Forest recently answered the question as to when the Forest Service will be done with the Environmental Assessment for the Log Chutes Downhill Mountain Bike Trail Project.

The Log Chutes Downhill Mountain Bike Project was first pitched to the Forest Service in 2010 as a proposal to legally sanction the first downhill/freeride specific trail on the San Juan National Forest. If approved by the Forest Service, the trail will be constructed near the existing alignment of Log Chutes Downhill Trail and might utilize sections of what’s already there.

Botsford’s response was as follows:

“The next step that needs to happen is that the Archeological clearance  needs to be done,” said Botsford. “This will not occur until the end of winter when the snow comes off the ground.  Once the Arche clearance is done this information will be incorporated into the draft EA and then released to the public for a 30 day comment period. After the 30 day comment period the FS will incorporate the public comments and release the final EA.  When the Final is released there is a 45-day appeal period.  If there are no appeals then the EA can be signed and construction can begin.”

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