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4 Jan 2013

Tell VP Biden to end his war on marijuana users and to respect the people of Colorado

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Dear reader,

We need your help. The Vice President of the United States is trying to undermine our new marijuana law in Colorado and he needs to know the ScreenHunter_26 Jan. 04 10.09American people want him to stop immediately.

Click here to sign a petition on the White House website telling the Vice President to respect the voters of Colorado. We have less than a week to reach the 25,000 signatures needed to force them to respond!

As I informed you a few weeks ago, the Obama administration is currently considering how it will respond to the passage of Amendment 64 in Colorado and a similar measure in Washington state. Standing in the way of a thoughtful policy is Vice President Joe Biden. Here is what a former White House drug policy advisor said last month in the pages of Rolling Stone magazine:

“The vice president has a special interest in this issue. As long as he is vice president, we’re very far off from legalization being a reality.”

We cannot allow the Vice President to stand in the way of progress. We must publicly express our disappointment in his position and ensure the administration recognizes just how unpopular it is.

Please visit the “We the People” site and sign our petition telling Vice President Biden to abandon his attacks on marijuana consumers. Then, encourage others to do the same by sharing this petition on Facebook and via Twitter. 

We need fewer than 7,500 signatures in the next six days to force the administration to respond to the petition. Please help us reach our goal!

Thank you in advance for taking action and adding your name.

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Mason Tvert

Amerndment 64 Proponent

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