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29 Sep 2017

This blogger’s comments on trails in the Travel Management Plan for Animas Mountain

Posted by Adam Howell

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This following excerpts are from my personal comments on the Travel Management Plan for Animas Mountain. Please read them and feel free to use them as your own in the BLM’s public comment system.

Animas Mountain MapHorse Gulch Blog: land, trail and mountain bike access advocate

This route #3207 is called The Loam Zone.

Some berms or short reroutes on Loam Zone could help improve the flow of the trail for those that want to minimize their pedaling while descending. Please support the idea of adding turns and using natural terrain features on route #3207.

This route should be adopted and attempts should be made to drain the water off of it properly

Route 3207 is special because it allows users a more comfortable way to travel on the west side of Animas Mountain. It also provides users with connectivity to trails that descend off of the mountain above Sailing Hawks and its associated trails in the prized open space area owned by the City of Durango.

The BLM can improve its management of route 3207 by allowing the public to access the trail for a longer time period throughout the year. Why can’t the BLM shorten the closure period of the mountain from December 1 through March 15? Please shorten the closure period for Animas Mountain in general. It’s too close to the City of Durango to keep it closed for so long. If preserving deer and elk on the mountain is a concern, then ask the CPW to decrease the number of tags issued for that unit.

Mountain biking, hiking and wildlife watching are the primary activities that I engage in on this route.

Please formerly adopt and sanction route #3207.

Route 1804 is special because it gives people an easier, more comfortable way to access the cliff edge underneath the south side of Animas Mountain.

The BLM can improve its management of this area by sanctioning and adopting its existence.

Mountain biking and hiking are the primary activities that bring me to this route. Checking out the cliffs is another activity that I enjoy on this route.

Does this route/route segment pose conflicts with resources or activities? (Choose from the selections below and/or comment.)

No, this route does not pose conflicts with resources or activities.

Route 1804 adds diversity to the trail system above Sailing Hawks.

Route #1805 should be sanctioned and adopted into the official trail system. It is known as The Merv. Please allow individuals such as myself to have permission to perform maintenance on this trail, under the guidance of the BLM.

Route #1805, also known as The Merv, is special to me because of its features that are challenging and entertaining to ride on a mountain bike. It has a drop, a jump, a berm and challenging switchbacks coming down off of Animas Mountain. These freeride features are unique to this trail because they are the kind of features that do not exist on most trails in our area. It is also fun to hike this route. This route is also a great alternative to the normal ascend/descend routes on the east side.

This route can be improved by shortening the wildlife closure period on Animas Mountain by at least a month. Again, if size of wildlife populations is a concern, then please ask the CPW to reduce the number of tags that it issues for deer and elk in this hunting unit.

Mountain Biking and hiking bring me to this route.

This route does not pose conflicts with resources or activities.

Please formerly adopt and sanction route #1805.

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