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18 Nov 2017

Racist epithets chiseled into beautiful arch near Aztec, New Mexico

Posted by Adam Howell

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If you stumble upon someone chiseling in racist epithets to a stone arch, take a picture of them, and send it to Horse Gulch Blog. Then ask them to stop.

There existence should not be that surprising, given the rampant mental illness that infects our society. Yet the symbols were still surprising to see.

Either way, the arches are gorgeous and the process of finding them is kind of like an Easter egg hunt.

Here’s a photo essay of what my friends and I call the ‘Racist Arch’ along with some other arches that we saw last weekend just east of Aztec, New Mexico.

The compilation also includes photos of other arches in the area, and some hoodoos.

IMG_1525[1]IMG_1523[1]IMG_1506[1] IMG_1507[1] IMG_1510[1] IMG_1512[1] IMG_1513[1] IMG_1514[1] IMG_1516[1] IMG_1518[1] IMG_1519[1] IMG_1520[1] IMG_1521[1] IMG_1522[1] IMG_1534[1] IMG_1535[1] IMG_1537[1] IMG_1538[1]IMG_6141





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