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24 Apr 2022

Pericarditis caused teenager’s death & the manner of death: ‘natural,’ said pathologist

Posted by Adam Howell

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Pericarditis was the “natural” cause of death that pathologist Dr. Michael Arnall listed on an Autopsy Report for a young teenage girl on February 5, 2022.

Pericarditis was listed as the cause of death for Samantha Rock

Samantha Rock, 13, of Ignacio.

Samantha Ann Rock, 13, of Ignacio, died on December 19, 2021 at Mercy Medical Center, according to her obituary.

What’s unnatural about the listed “natural” cause of death was that teenage girls rarely die of pericarditis–with or without a COVID-19 infection present.

Local pathologist gives context to natural versus accidental manners of death

To put some context to the labeling of Rock’s death as “natural,” I called up the pathologist who wrote her Autopsy Report whose name is Dr. Michael Arnall.

What I wanted to know more about was how any death due to a vaccine or an Experimental-Use-Authorized drug could be natural.

Where is the threshold for where you call it an accident versus a natural death? Is there a written standard?

“There’s nothing written,” said Dr. Arnall. “And I hesitate to tell a news reporter our actual threshold because it’s informal, and in some sense it depends.”

“To give you an example of where I signed a medical misadventure as an accident. It has to do with expectation. If a surgeon is operating; say the patient had a gall bladder; pretty common operation, right? A lot of people have their gall bladder’s out. A lot of people have their appendixes out. If the surgeon were to slip, and thrust their knife into, for instance, a large blood vessel, and the person bled to death. That is absolutely, positively an unexpected result in what should have been a relatively common procedure,” said Dr. Arnall. “I know I called one of those an accident where it was completely unexpected and largely unprecedented.”

What’s important about what Dr. Arnall said was that in any case of a death that was due to the victim taking an Experimental-Use-Authorized vaccine, he would always label the manner of those deaths as ‘natural’ on the Autopsy Report.

“As far as these vaccines causing pericarditis, as you have seen, it happens,” said Dr. Arnall. “And I think as you go through and Google ‘vaccine and pericarditis,’ you are going to find ‘gosh’ this happens to a lot of people.”

“In that case if it is something known to happen and is not uncommon, and might be rare but is certainly well documented, we would probably call that a natural,” said Dr. Arnall.

“There are some court proceedings in which one of the attorneys says ‘your honor, we would move that the medical examiner Dr. Arnall not be allowed to express his opinion in court because that invades the providence of the jury. The jury will have to decide.’ Some judges will agree. I’ve seen a judge take one of my death certificates with a pair of scissors and just cut the ‘manner of death’ off the bottom before it was entered as an exhibit that the jury could see. I understand that. I can live with that. My manner of death is an opinion; it’s my opinion,” said Dr. Arnall. “I’m not so self absorbed that I think I know everything.”

“Even something that’s an accident may later go to court and be considered to be a homicide,” said Dr. Arnall. “That’s because it’s a convention.”

When, exactly, is a death due to an Experimental-Use-Authorized drug considered ‘natural’?

“If the experimental usage of a drug has been run through an ethics and compliance panel,” said Dr. Arnall. “It’s a panel of doctors who are not involved in the experiment. They look at what you are proposing and tell you if it’s ethical. If they agree that it’s ethical, that every aspect of the experiment is ethical. If you pass the ethics committee and you do the experiment, then I would say, yeah. A complication of that experimental drug would be a natural death. If, on the other hand you do something nutty and don’t go through an ethics and compliance panel. A panel disinterested and knowledgeable experts. If you If you start doing something on your own and you get a death, that could be an accident or a negligent homicide.”

At the origins of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines is the University of Pennsylvania, which does have an ethics committee.

On the other hand, participants in the COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials have not been informed about the risks and benefits of taking the Experimental-Use-Authorized agent, thanks to Section 3024 of the Cures Act from 2016.

Specifically, most people who receive the COVID-19 vaccines are not told about most of the 1,000-plus side effects or the numerous causes of death that could result.


Pericarditis missing from Durango Herald story about Samantha Rock

Rock’s death was first politicized when San Juan Basin Public Health Executive Director Liane Jollon first disclosed Rock’s private medical information (COVID-19 test results) to Durango Herald Staff Writer Aedan Hannon for a story about the incident.

Rock allegedly “died following COVID-19 complications,” according to Durango Herald Staff Writer Aedan Hannon in a story about the incident. However, Hannon failed to cite any source for the claim that Rock died following COVID-19 complications.

Usually when a news reporter or organization claims that someone died of a certain cause, they will attribute that claim to a source. Some of the usual sources of information about the cause of death would be a family member, a Death Certificate, an Autopsy Report, a public official or a witness.

Instead, the reporting we’ve seen from The Durango Herald in some stories about COVID-19-related deaths provides claims without any source.

In addition, Hannon quoted Jollon who seemed to be implying that Rock’s death was somehow related to a COVID-19 infection.

“We have learned of this tragedy. It is very difficult to learn of the death of a child who has recently tested positive for COVID-19,” said Liane Jollon, executive director of San Juan Basin Public Health.

At the same time, many of the symptoms of a COVID-19 infection are similar to the symptoms of adverse events caused by the COVID-19 clot shots.

From Dr. Arnall’s report about Rock:

Respiratory System: The upper airway contains no foreign material. The laryngeal mucosa is tan and smooth. The right and left lungs weigh 450 and 490 grams respectively. The pleural surfaces are smooth and glistening. The pulmonary arteries are patent. The major bronchi contain no foreign material. Sections of the lungs disclose no mass lesions or areas of consolidation. Foamy froth is present in the airway.

Dr. Arnall said that foamy froth in the airway can be a symptom of heart failure.

Why would a 13 year-old teenager have heart failure? Was it due to a covid infection or a vaccine?

Samantha Rock Autopsy Report

Pericarditis more common following COVID-19 vaccines than following HPV vaccines

In his comment on the cover page of Samantha Rock’s Autopsy Report, pathologist Dr. Arnall said that he is not able to determine whether the etiology of this pericarditis is coronavirus or a complication of an HPV vaccine.

Rock had been given the HPV vaccine a few days prior, according to Dr. Arnall.

Dr. Arnall’s report raises questions about what “vaccines” Rock had been given before her death. For instance, pericarditis is 150 times more likely to have occurred following a COVID-19 vaccine than it is to have occurred because of an HPV vaccine.

In particular, over 1,805 cases of pericarditis following a COVID-19 vaccine were reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. Nine of those 1,805 cases were reported cases of deaths. These inoculations have been around since January of 2021.

Too many reported pericarditis cases following COVID-19 vaccines to fit in one screenshot.

In contrast, 12 cases of pericarditis following a an HPV vaccine have been reported to VAERS. None of those cases resulted in death, according to VAERS.

By comparison, HPV vaccines have been around since 2006, according to the National Institute for Health.


Dr. Arnall’s microscopic examination of Samantha Rock

Lung- Unremarkable. Negative for hyaline membranes. Negative for intra alveolar collections of neutrophils or lymphocytes. Negative for hyperchromatic and multinucleated macrophages.

Heart- Pericardial infiltrates of lymphocytes and eosinophils. Mild increase in myocardial lymphocytes. Necrotic myocardial fibers surrounded by lymphocytes are not seen.

Brain- Unremarkable.

Why was Naloxone found in Samantha Rock’s system? Naloxone is a drug that emergency responders sometimes give to people who are suffering from an opioid overdose.

Death certificate could not be obtained from family

Samantha Rock’s Aunt, Gloria Frost, who has detailed information about Rock’s death, refused to comment for this story.

pericarditis was listed as the cause of death for Samanta RockI tried asking a couple family members for more information about her death. They would not comment for this story, or had no information about Rock’s death. Her death certificate was one document that I sought.

People who sign death certificates have been told by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment that a COVID case is defined as a death if:

“the decedent died within 30 days of collection date if the decedent was a Colorado resident and is considered a case, either probable or confirmed.”

See the death definition guidance that’s on page 13 of this document:

CDPHE, COVID-19, Communications

Rock’s adoptive father Abel Soto said that he did not know how his daughter Samantha died.

If anyone who’s reading this has more information about Samantha Rock’s death, please contact me.

Adam Howell is a writer who believes in free press and the importance of the constitution. He can be reached by clicking on this link to the contact page.

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  1. Adam, This article was SO well done, so well researched. I only wish there were more investigative reporters like you in our world. I’ll be sharing this wide and far!


    Marybeth Snyder

  2. Hello Marybeth. Thank you for reading this story. These are the kind of stories that the establishment press in town won’t cover. I hope to bring you more of this kind of reporting in the future, as well.


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  3. Adam great investigating reporting.Lives are cut off because of a death kill vaccine, that people give consent too. So many unnecessary deaths. Don’t believe strangers gambling with your life.


    Cathy Patterson

  4. Thank you, Cathy. Human life is precious. These clot shot injuries and death have to be exposed until the people understand the real risks and benefits of getting jabbed. Take action however you can to find the who, what, when, where and why of every “coincidence.”


    Adam Howell

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