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2 May 2022

New Trail on Half Ridge will cross over the old Kitty Charmer Trail and The Nose

Posted by Adam Howell

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A new trail is being constructed on Half Ridge Trail (formerly known as Raider Ridge) that briefly follows the alignment of the old Kitty Charmer Trail. The trail is not done yet.

Once opened, it will cross over the Nose of the ridge several times. R.I.P. Kitty Charmer Trail–A trail loved by many, closed by City officials

Previous iterations of Kitty Charmer Trail had super fun dirt jumps. It’s unclear if this new trail will have any jumps. However, it should have some dirt jumps. Why not?

A sign in the project area where an old trail was closed for revegetation says the following:

“The City of Durango is partnering with Durango Trails and Southwest Conservation Corps to build a new Half Ridge Trail alignment, providing a more enjoyable trail experience and a more sustainable trail. The crews will also realign short sections of Powerline Trail and Flame Out Trail, as well as conduct restoration work to address erosion and resource degredation issues.”

A volunteer work day on this trail is planned for June 22nd, according to Christian.

A new trail of Half Ridge by Horse Gulch will cross the nose and the alignment of the old Kitty Charmer Trail.

Brody was working on this switchback when I rode through on 5/6/2022.

new trail on half ridge
The new trail starts by the concrete pad near the top of Medicine Trail. New trail of Half Ridge by Horse Gulch.

Christian is running the mini excavator across the Nose.

Adam Howell is a writer who is a member of Durango’s Parks and Recreation Advisory Board. His views do not represent those of the rest of the board. He can be reached by clicking on this link to the contact page.

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2 Responses to “New Trail on Half Ridge will cross over the old Kitty Charmer Trail and The Nose”

  1. Thanks for the posting. It’s there a map showing alignment?


    Seth Furtney

  2. All I have is a picture of a map on the signage at the trail. I just updated the post above with a picture of the sign with a map on it. It’s the only map of the trail that I’ve seen so far.


    Adam Howell

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