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City of Durango

District Judge orders city to release financial statements to public under CORA

28 Feb 2023 | Posted by Adam Howell. No Comments  

District Court Judge Suzanne Carlson ordered the City of Durango to make a draft financial statement from the year 2021 available for public inspection following the city’s denial of the record to a local resident. John Simpson sued City Clerk Faye Harmer in her official capacity after she repeatedly denied his requests for the record(s) that he made pursuant to the Colorado Open Records Act. Defendant Harmer made the argument that the release of the draft audit materials would cause significant public harm, because it…


Boards and commissions of City of Durango to be dissolved to save staff time and expense

13 Feb 2023 | Posted by Adam Howell. No Comments  

Boards and commissions appointed by City of Durango Councilors will soon be dissolved in order to free up staff time and tax dollars that was previously spent working with them. The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board was obviously disappointed about it. The dissolution was proposed by city staff and councilors for the following reasons, according to the agenda packet: Remove redundancy and increase efficiency. Retain and enhance a high level of customer service, ensure transparency, and allow for adequate public input. Lessen unnecessary administrative burden…



Judge rules against plaintiff’s lawsuit versus District 9-R Board of Education

12 Feb 2023 | Posted by Adam Howell. No Comments  

Judge Shopshire ruled against the plaintiffs on January 30, 2023 that were suing the District 9-R Board of Education and its election official for failure to timely declare a board vacancy and hold a required election. The contention began when Board Member Andrea Parmenter vacated the district that she was living in while serving on the board for that district. Then, while allegedly living in a different district (District E), Parmenter allegedly voted on board business at board meeting(s) (5/11/2021, 5/25/2021, 6/22/2021, 6/28/2021), according to…


Durango Arts Center Director lies to trespass journalist from taxpayer-funded public property

18 Dec 2022 | Posted by Adam Howell. No Comments  

Durango Arts Center Executive Director Brenda Macon lied to the police about the ownership and funding status of our fractionally-owned public property in order to have me trespassed while video recording in publicly-accessible areas during their business hours. While peacefully recording the art exhibits in the gallery, the gift shop and then the theater, I was confronted by some people who were rehearsing on stage. Geoff Johnson and some other people on stage saw me peacefully recording by myself next to the seating area. Johnson…


Brian Devine, 1st Amendment intimidation fail at SJBPH public meeting about water testing

9 Dec 2022 | Posted by Adam Howell. No Comments  

Brian Devine, Environmental Health Director for San Juan Basin Public Health, failed to intimidate me from video recording what I could see in public at a public meeting at Durango Public Library.  At a public presentation that Peter Diethrich was giving on behalf of SJBPH, Devine told me that I couldn’t video record members of the public in the library without getting their permission first. In response, I told him that he was wrong and soon after recorded everyone at the meeting. Before starting…



Dissolution of San Juan Basin Public Health district approved by La Plata County

15 Nov 2022 | Posted by Adam Howell. No Comments  

Dissolution of San Juan Basin Public Health district via a joint resolution was approved by La Plata County Board of Commissioners at their November 15, 2022 meeting. Specifically, the La Plata County and Archuleta County Boards voted the dissolution of SJBPH to occur on December 31, 2023. When La Plata County creates its new health department, they will begin by funding it with $750,000 dollars, said County Commissioner Marsha Porter Norton. Reasons given by the County Manager Chuck Stevens and County Commissioner Porter Norton for…


Search and Rescue professional dies of heart attack following COVID-19 jabs

10 Oct 2022 | Posted by Adam Howell. No Comments  

Search and rescue professional and City of Durango resident Leo Lloyd III died of a heart attack while mountain biking with one of his sons on August 4, 2022. He had received numerous COVID-19 jabs, his brother said. At the age of 60, Lloyd will be known for how kind and caring he was for his friends and family, his brother Joe Lloyd said. “He’s just a good guy,” said Lloyd. “If you were ever to go climbing with him and he was teaching you…


Unlawful discriminatory sign removed from Rotary Park following inquiry

6 Aug 2022 | Posted by Adam Howell. 1 Comment  

An unlawful discriminatory sign that attempted to prohibit skateboards or bicycles at Rotary Park under the pretense of a City of Durango ordinance was removed by public officials within a week of me raising questions about it. Specifically, the sign said, “No Skateboards or Bicycles In Park. Violators will be Prosecuted City Ordinance #1834.” Fortunately, there is NOT actually an Ordinance #1834 that prohibits skateboards or bicycles in Rotary Park. In fact, my search of city ordinances on the city’s public records portal web page…


State Board of Education directed Durango School District 9-R to review Ascent Classical Academy's application.

State Board of Education directs Durango 9-R School Board to review Ascent Classical Academy’s charter application

18 May 2022 | Posted by Adam Howell. 2 Comments  

The Colorado State Board of Education chided the Durango School District 9-R Board of Education for not cooperating with a charter school application process. Vice Chair Steve Durham, of the State Board of Education, said that he noticed a pattern. “I really think that this is typical of what we see out of the Durango School District. Rather than working cooperatively and in good will with people, that board goes out of its way not to.” Durango School District 9-R had ignored Ascent Classical Academy…


6-year-old Durango boy is recovering at home after COVID-19 jab, stroke, hospitalization

4 May 2022 | Posted by Adam Howell. 4 Comments  

A 6-year-old Durango boy who had a stroke and became paralyzed following his experimental-use (EUA) COVID-19 vaccination has returned home to recover after his hospitalization. He is home and he’s under the care of his parents, said Karen Zink, the great aunt of Abel Short. Zink was unwilling to talk much about Abel, saying that to do so would be speaking out of turn, given the private lifestyles of his parents. However, Zink did say that 6-year-old Abel Short had received a COVID-19 vaccine. She…


New Trail on Half Ridge will cross over the old Kitty Charmer Trail and The Nose

2 May 2022 | Posted by Adam Howell. 2 Comments  

A new trail is being constructed on Half Ridge Trail (formerly known as Raider Ridge) that briefly follows the alignment of the old Kitty Charmer Trail. The trail is not done yet. Once opened, it will cross over the Nose of the ridge several times. R.I.P. Kitty Charmer Trail–A trail loved by many, closed by City officials Previous iterations of Kitty Charmer Trail had super fun dirt jumps. It’s unclear if this new trail will have any jumps. However, it should have some dirt jumps.…


Pericarditis was listed as the cause of death for Samantha Rock

Pericarditis caused teenager’s death & the manner of death: ‘natural,’ said pathologist

24 Apr 2022 | Posted by Adam Howell. 6 Comments  

Pericarditis was the “natural” cause of death that pathologist Dr. Michael Arnall listed on an Autopsy Report for a young teenage girl on February 5, 2022. Samantha Ann Rock, 13, of Ignacio, died on December 19, 2021 at Mercy Medical Center, according to her obituary. What’s unnatural about the listed “natural” cause of death was that teenage girls rarely die of pericarditis–with or without a COVID-19 infection present. Local pathologist gives context to natural versus accidental manners of death To put some context to the…


A city ordinance was amended to allow class 1 ebikes at Twin Buttes Open Space Trails.

Ordinance amended to allow class 1 ebikes at Twin Buttes Open Space trails

23 Apr 2022 | Posted by Adam Howell. 2 Comments  

An existing city ordinance was amended by Durango City Council on April 19, 2022 to allow class 1 electrical assisted bikes at Twin Buttes Open Space trails. Specifically, they voted to amend Article 3, Chapter 18 of the code of ordinances for the City of Durango. Ordinance 2022-16 regulates the use of vehicles on parks, trails and open space, and the amendment creates an additional exception for class 1 electrical assisted bicycles located within Twin Buttes development, and declaring an effective date. “It’s kind of…



Vaccinated San Juan Basin Public Health employee died from an enlarged heart

25 Mar 2022 | Posted by Adam Howell. No Comments  

A vaccinated employee of San Juan Basin Public Health died of an enlarged heart last year, according to the pathologist’s autopsy report. The death certificate of Lesley Marie, 56 years old, lists her manner of death as natural. At the same time, it lists her cause of death as cardiomegaly. She died at home on September 11, 2021. Marie was a mother and grandmother of several children in Durango. On Linkedin, Marie is listed as the Deputy Director of Administrative Services at San Juan Basin…


Establishments in Durango that discriminated based on medical procedures as of 3/21/22

12 Mar 2022 | Posted by Adam Howell. No Comments  

Establishments in Durango are discriminating against people based on COVID-19 medical procedures, but they are easy to avoid. This post contains an ongoing list of businesses and non-profit organizations that discriminate against people at their facilities or events who are unwilling or unable to engage in COVID-19 medical procedures. 3rd Ave Arts and St. Mark’s Episcopal Church–establishments that discriminate Alarmingly, the church is being used as a facility for 3rd Ave Arts that’s excluding those who refuse to participate in medical rape prior to entering…


Durango School District 9-R Board of Education suing Ascent Classical Academies over application

12 Mar 2022 | Posted by Adam Howell. 1 Comment  

Durango School District 9-R Board of Education is suing Ascent Classical Academies for submitting its application top open a charter school too early before the deadline that the District established. In a mostly inaudible study session that was broadcasted on Zoom, the Board President Kristin Smith announced the lawsuit on March 8, 2022. “Under state law, the Board of Education has exclusive authority to authorize charter schools within District boundaries. This means that any group interested in opening a charter school here must apply to…


J&J/Janssen COVID-19 vaccine probably caused blood clots in Durango man, his doctor said

10 Mar 2022 | Posted by Adam Howell. No Comments  

A Durango man is walking and driving again after being hospitalized due to blood clots that his doctor said were probably caused by the J&J/Janssen COVID-19 vaccine, the man said. Andrew Pietrack is the husband of Aruna, and a father of a newborn. Before the adverse event, he worked as a baseball coach. Pietrack has no family history of blood clotting disorders, he said. While Pietrack did receive a J&J/Janssen jab which is known to cause blood clots, his doctors had previously thought that the…


CJ's Diner is now for sale.

CJ’s Diner civil suit against state officials dismissed by Colorado District Court Judge

5 Mar 2022 | Posted by Adam Howell. No Comments  

CJ’s Diner lawsuit against several prominent state officials was dismissed by a Colorado District Court judge last week. The lawsuit filed by CJ’s Diner, and supported by La Plata County Business Alliance, was against Colorado’s Governor Jared Polis, the Colorado Department of Public Health (CDPHE) and San Juan Basin Public Health (SJBPH) in response to their collective actions against the well-established community diner. The owners Jerry and Carrie Martinez decided to take action after receiving a cease and desist order from the local health department.…


San Juan Basin Public Health deceives about availability of approved COVID-19 vaccine

5 Mar 2022 | Posted by Adam Howell. 1 Comment  

San Juan Basin Public Health (SJBPH) and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) are deceiving the general public about the availability of the FDA-approved COVID-19 Comirnaty vaccine. Alarmingly, SJBPH is following the lead of CDPHE and the FDA in saying that the approved Pfizer Comirnaty vaccine is available. However, Comirnaty is not really available in the United States, according to officials at the participating clinics and pharmacies. Yet, these public health officials claim that the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine and it’s ingredients are…


Gift cards, certificates & tokens awarded to EUA COVID-19 vaccine recipients from SJBPH

21 Feb 2022 | Posted by Adam Howell. No Comments  

Gift cards, gift certificates and tokens were awarded to EUA COVID-19 vaccine recipients in Durango, Pagosa Springs and Ignacio in 2021 by officials with San Juan Basin Public Health. Statewide, the cards and vouchers were offered by the state of Colorado through the Comeback Cash program as a financial incentive for getting vaccinated. The gift cards were given out in Walmart parking lots and various businesses and schools to those who received a 1st or 2nd dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. For example, in an…


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